Elections usually get voters confused what way Indian politics will go this year and who to vote. Here’s the sample how you can’t be fooled by politicians and how you can make changes by just going for #VoteHaqSe.

This song will make you think and smile, at the same time. #Whoistheidiot is an Election Campaign offering of 9X media for the Indian masses.

Director : Varun Gathani
Associate Director: Akshay Raj
Music label : Artistaloud.com/ Hungama.com
Head of Production 9xm: Stephen D’Souza
Channel Producer: Atul Srivastava, Michael Coutinho
DOP: Amit Rege
Offline Editor: Sachin Shinde
Online Editor: Avik Banerjee
Graphics: Hunny Dastur
3d Animation : PRIME FOCUS
Choreographer: Ankita Maity
Production House: Think Hard Productions
Production Design: Ravi Kanal
Production Controller: Poornima Prabhu
Styling: Morris Swamy
Make Up Artist: Arun Shinde
Art Direction: Little Green Men
Special Thanks To Dr. Ekta Bhatia — Lil’ Munchkins & Nakshatra Dance Academy.

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