On this week’s episode, Host Eva Bhatt is joined by the young, ‘firebrand’ musician Vishal Mishra (‘Kaisa Hua’- Kabir Singh fame), who will inspire the inner ‘creative’ soul within you.
Vishal Mishra, at such a young age, is producing melodies that have created ripples in the industry. (With no formal training in music!) He shares about how passionate he feels about music, how he produces music that “feels like a companion, for the vulnerable & lonely”! While talking about the process of making a song like ‘Kaise Hua’, he talks about how he doesn’t believe in ‘Perfection’, while creating music.
He also gives out gems of wisdom for the upcoming artists. (“To be prepared so that when Opportunity strikes you can deliver”)
Listen to the talented & lover of poetry, Vishal Mishra who shares his influences & his vision, apart from singing three of his soulful songs.
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